Baby Namings and Blessings by Lovingstone Productions“Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony for Shira’s baby naming.  It was an amazing evening. Truly special. We are still getting so many comments from friends on how wonderful the ceremony was.”

~ Lots of love, Alison Belanoff

Our specialty services for Baby Naming and Blessing Ceremonies are a fantastic start to the celebration of new life. The miracle of life itself is a glorious experience, worth of great celebration, gratitude and joy.

The mother and father, the extended family, and the larger community of friends and neighbors all share the happiness of this joyous celebration. Not only are you announcing the child to the world, but you are outlining your family’s values, promising a safe, warm, supportive home, and appointing a support network for your child.

Those invited to share in the ceremony become part of the child’s network of mentors and guardians. They make up your support system in the formative years of your child’s life and experiences.

While this celebration is geared toward welcoming your newest family member, it is also a means of appointing caretakers in the event of an emergency. Those caretakers or Godparents are special people in your life that you trust to represent your values, beliefs, and character to your child in your absence.

As your family, friends, and neighbors gather to welcome your new arrival, we join you in celebrating the beginning of life. The ceremony is tailored to meet your specific needs, teachings, and acceptance of responsibilities by the appointed caretakers.

As with all of our ceremonies, we will be diligent in working with you to create the most personal service and lasting memories for your family and child.

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Baby Namings and Blessings by Lovingstone ProductionsBaby Namings and Blessings by Lovingstone Productions    Baby Namings and Blessings by Lovingstone Productions